Why workforce agencies are falling behind

Why the battle to equip job seekers and satisfy employers is so hard to win.

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Human development is forced out by compliance demands

The boxes you have to check don't always add up to preparing people for jobs they'll keep and love.

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Staff aren't on the same page with a unified approach  

You're fighting staff turnover, a huge mix of soft and hard skill challenges, and a collection of mismatched resources that just aren't keeping up.

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Job focus that fails to connect to a career passion

Getting a job doesn't mean finding a future. Job seekers who don't discover a career fail more often and can't find passion for work.

You need high placement rates, a strong client/job match, and employer satisfaction.

Your agency must build stronger connections between the right workers — with the right skills— and the positions that employers need to fill.

When it's all working together, the outcome is powerful for job seekers, employers, and your community. But the equation means getting staff the new tools that fit with today's workplace realities.

What's essential

You need an easy-to-implement system, up-to-date resources based in the real world, and staff training that equips and inspires your staff to do this vital work. Plus, it has to work consistently and flexibly with all types of clients.

  • Best practices that are embraced across your staff
  • Retention rates that are driven by great placements and passionate job seekers
  • The right tools to overcome the toughest barriers

Career Development: Is It Possible for People with Barriers?

When there is concern about whether clients are employable, there is a sense that careers are out of the question. But, our experience is quite different.

How careers can drive clients with significant barriers

Take your agency and your job seekers out of the revolving door of job placements that don't lead to success stories

Compliance-focused placements without a way to overcome barriers and create a career focus lead job seekers back to your doors for more services. They don't win, and neither do you.
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Tired curriculum + forgettable staff development

...using canned curriculum and out-of-date tools don't help job seekers move forward. Instead of real-world staff training that changes the paradigm, teams collect more materials to line file drawers.

Disconnected workshops and training

...don't connect job seekers to a consistent system of support and preparation that reaches the core of their challenges: matching their skill sets to a career focus.
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Weak systems that fall short of today's work and cultural demands

...rely on old models and methods that haven't worked for a decade. They might feel "safe," but they won't deliver lasting success.  



We need to reclaim the heart of our work: clients in careers they love and employers with hires they keep.

There's a Modern Way

There is a modern way to help job seekers — even those with significant barriers. Learn about our discovery for motivating clients and satisfying employers in the same time it takes to simply find a job.

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