What is MOJO?

Your unique and powerful MOtivation for your Job + Other Good Things in Life!

Are you ready to reClaim your MOJO and get what you want from work and life? This interactive book is like a private coaching session hosted by Coach Elisabeth and all about you.

Everyone’s doing it! Why not you…? The Great Reset gives you a chance to change your relationship with work, to swap the WORK-life balance that’s wearing you down for a LIFE-work balance that helps you build the life you want.

Who is it for?

Anyone who:

… is bored or overwhelmed in their current work.

… can’t get excited about working or looking for work.

… needs to recall why they took their job to begin with.

… is ready to build a life they love.

What do you get?

You get:

Permission to recast your relationship with work,

Processes to discover your motivation for life and work TODAY and

Practical ways to apply the lessons now and in the future

... so you can build the career and life you want.


Elisabeth Sanders-Park is a nationally recognized careers expert and co-author of the books No One Is Unemployable and The 6 Reasons You’ll Get the Job. In the last 15+ years, she has trained 35,000+ employment practitioners and impacted the lives of more than 1 million job seekers across the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Asia Pacific region, and Australia. She is known for delivering messages of hope and practicality with wisdom and humor.

“Read this book! It challenges you to think about why you do your job, beyond money. I just switched jobs and wish I had read it when I needed a wake-up call that working can be rewarding and motivating. It’s changed how I work and how I'll choose jobs in the future.”
 “MOJO helped me figure out my motivation for work! It made me think about exactly what I am doing, gave me new insights about my WHY, and the layout made it easy to understand. Read it and carefully consider everything... then read it again! So good.”
 “I thought I only worked for money. This book helped me see that I actually take pride in my work, helping my patients, and what I've accomplished to get here. This was a good experience in considering my future with work and what I want from an employer.”
"What improved was my clarity about my core values and motivation for work -- I'm Social-Responsibility-Task Completion-Create! The explanations and examples were good, and I like the relaxed approach. It encourages you to question yourself ~ which is good!"
"I loved how the book helped me bring my focus back to why I do what I do. It reminded me of my purpose, and what’s really important to me. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about changing their career or starting a new one. It’s a wonderful tool to get to the core of what motivates us."
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Katie, CA
Megan, SC
Justin, CA
Anna, WA
Erin, WA

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