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racing to catch up

Feel like you are racing to catch up?

It feels like a never-ending cycle. Between compliance requirements, getting new employees up to speed, adapting to evolving employer needs, and getting job seekers skilled up and motivated.

Is there a modern way to help job seekers?

After years of finding success with a career development approach, our team discovered that these transformative techniques could be used to help workforce agencies live out their mission to place job seekers in careers where they can thrive.
better way to help job seekers

WorkNet Solutions uses real-world methods that get your team back to the heart of their work: helping job seekers succeed in the workplace.

Equip and align your staff with integrated resources, training, and coaching that lead to passionate job seekers and happy employers.

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Almost 6 months after the WorkNet training, the lessons continue to impact and improve my work with clients daily.”

brenda ploss
Brenda Ploss, NC

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I now have the tools to feel more confident when working with our clients, both one-on-one and in workshop situations. I truly feel I learned more about the career development process in the 5-day training that I did in working nine years in a Career Center at a major university.

maryann profeta
MaryAnn Profeta

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Many job seekers are on overdrive in today’s very tough job market. What they need is real world, creative ideas that can be put into action now. Elisabeth and Debra have written the one book that offers true insight and impact so many of us need – and they have done it all in a style that is easy and breezy to read. Masterful and magical!

jeri rosen
Jerri Rosen

about No One Is Unemployable

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The degree gets college grads in the hunt…but the 6 Reasons gets them the prize! I’d hand college students this gem with their diploma.

rich feller
Rich Feller

Ph.D Professor about The 6 Reasons
You’ll Get the Job

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